Amazing Clouds - K & J Benjamin

Clouds and sky are things we see almost every day, but they are seldom the same from one day to the next!  Much of our weather comes from the sky and nearly all of life on Earth is influenced by wind, sun and rain.  If people had invented the world, doubtless our predictable efficiency would have rendered a consistent lighting and watering experience, devoid of storms -- or beauty -- and for that I am thankful that we do not get to control our world as much as we would like to!

Many photos I take of clouds end up deleted forever; they're just flat and uninteresting.  But sometimes a picture of the sky can be something inspiring, interesting and even powerful.  On a recent family vacation to Vermont, we stopped by the beautiful Von Trapp Family Lodge just to walk the grounds.  The skies were beautifully sculpted; every few degrees presented me with something new to see.  I do like some of the images I got but not many are "great"...however, this one stood out to me.

Then I noticed the birds (crows?) circling in the sky.  I had never noticed them "in real life", but here there are in the photo.  That to me makes it even better!


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