Wicked Tulips - K & J Benjamin

A family member who lives in Rhode Island mentioned this place to us back in April, and we knew we HAD to go!  So we made a big family trip out of it -- grandparents, cousins...all 11 of us descended on the Tulips!  I've been to the Netherlands a few times, but never when the tulips were in bloom.  It's something I've always wanted to see en masse.

We didn't realize the tulips would be a bit "past", but they were still beautiful and exceptionally vibrant.  Thankfully it was an overcast day with bits of rain here and there -- my favorite shooting conditions for flowers.  You can see their incredible colors and glossy shine.  Glorious!  I had a ton of fun with my 90mm macro lens, and we got some great family photos for ourselves.

This was Wicked Tulips' first year and personally I say, "wow, great job!"  Hopefully next year we can see them at their peak!


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